The 10 commandments of copyright on photographs

  1. Always respect the copyright on photographs.
  2. Always ask the photographer permission if you want to use his/her photograph.
  3. Only the photographer can give you consent for the use of his/her photograph, no one else.
  4. Always make clear agreements about the use and the remuneration.
  5. Only use the photograph for purposes agreed upon.
  6. Always try to find out who the author of a photograph is. Don’t use a photograph if you don’t know who the author is.
  7. Always state the name of the photographer with a picture.
  8. Don’t edit or crop a photograph without the permission of the photographer.
  9. Be aware of the rights others can have on a photograph. Also ask them permission for the use.
  10. Always give the photographer a proof copy of publication.

© Burafo 2007